Fitness First Is Giving Aussies Who’ve Lost Their Jobs Up To Three Months Free Membership

Okay, this RULES: Fitness First is offering Aussies who’ve lost their jobs up to three months free membership, anywhere around the country.

The program is called Fitness Keeper, which is pretty damn perfect for these strange times we find ourselves in.

New members who join between now and March 31 2021 will receive three months free membership if they lose their job or are stood down without pay.

Former members and non-Fitness First members are both eligible to receive two free months for the same reasons. The best bit? There’s no need to sign a lock-in contract, so you can hit the gym without the fear of maybe finding yourself locked in to a contract without ongoing work to pay for it.

“In addition to offering financial relief and helping people maintain their physical health, Fitness Keeper will support Australians so they can continue to reap the wider benefits of exercise,” Fitness First General Manager David Aitchison said in a statement.

“Physical movement is a great way to shift your mindset and improve your outlook, which is crucial right now as Australians, along with the rest of the world, are facing uncertainty like never before.”

It’s no secret AT ALL that exercise plays a huge part in mental health (although is obviously not the only thing, and is not accessible to all Aussies).

Turns out, it’s also a key reason why Aussies are hitting the gym – it’s not all abs and glutes, ya know? Fitness Australia surveyed more than 14,400 of gym-goers from across Australia, and found that 83% of respondents said improving their mental health was a key goal for working out.

“Good mental fitness goes hand in hand with physical fitness and prepares you to deal with the challenges that life presents,” Aitchison continued.

“For someone going through financial stress or the experience of losing their job on top of everything else that 2020 has dealt, the ability to exercise regularly, maintain routine and gain the social interaction available in a gym environment will play a major part in safe-guarding their mental fitness at a crucial time.”

The exact T&Cs of free month offers differ a smidge between members / new-members / non-members / old-members, so have a squiz here and see if you’re eligible. Honestly though – free membership without a lock-in contract is huge. Onya Fitness First.