Thanks to COVID, getting all up in the gyms and just working on your fitness in the name of Fergie has become increasingly difficult. So, here is a little guide to help you exercise safe practices during COVID-19. (See what I did there.)

As we all know, most of our local gyms have become potential hotspots for COVID-19 transmission, and some of us have been so unlucky that our local gyms are just straight up closed for good.

When asked about gym closures and local workout spots becoming writhe with coronavirus, Dr. Norman Swan had this to say on ABC Radio:

“When you’re puffing and panting you are aerosolising, so there is aerosol spread. If there’s not good ventilation then you could be in the gym for an hour, feel that you’ve socially distanced and still picked it up in the aerosol around you. If you are not wiping down the surfaces well, you could pick it up from surfaces, although that’s a lower risk.”

When it comes to getting your necessary exercise, the Department of Health has suggested some home activities for people to do which can be just as beneficial as your scheduled trip to the land of sweat.

On their site, they recommend:

  • weights training
  • yoga and pilates at home
  • backyard sports
  • going up and down stairs (this one sounds particularly enthralling)
  • gardening
  • dancing

However, for those of us who are stilling hitting up the gym, I got in touch with a personal trainer for tips and tricks to stay safe.

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Jess Dally-Butler is a registered personal trainer and gym instructor, and here are some of the things she recommends for safe workouts:

  1. Take a towel to cover all surfaces you work out on.
  2. Wash your hands before and after your workout.
  3. Use wipes provided to clean the equipment before and after use.
  4. Try and minimise the amount of equipment you actually use at the gym.
  5. Get yourself a trainer, and they can do most of the handling for you!

Recent gyms that have been labelled as COVID-19 hotspots include:

  • Marrickville: Anytime Fitness, 7pm to 8pm on Monday 24 August
  • Randwick: Fitness First, 3:30pm to 4:15pm on Sunday 23 August
  • Zetland: Virgin Gym, People who attended the Active Dance class at 7:40pm on Monday 24 August
  • Sydney: Virgin Active Margaret Street Gym, 5:10pm to 6:40pm on 26 August
  • Sydney: Virgin Active Pitt Street Gym, 5:00pm to 6:30pm on Tuesday 25 August
  • Tattersalls City Gym, Late August

Ultimately, safe practices are the best practices, so for all you gym junkies out there, let’s make sure we’re exercising caution when we… well, exercise.

For more info check out NSW Health. 

Image: Getty Images / MoMo Productions