AQUAME’s Trackable Drink Bottles Will Make Sure Yr Guzzlin’ The Recommended Water Intake Daily

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If you’re a fellow baddie who consistently keeps adding “DRINK MORE WATER” to your to-do list, yet cannot for the life of you ever make it to the recommended 2.1 litres (for women) and 2.6 litres (for men) a day, I think I’ve finally just found us a bloody intervention — Aquame’s smart water bottle.

Designed to track your daily water intake and prevent you from skimping on your much-needed liquid gold AQUAME’s shit-hot range of smart bottles will get you hitting that h2O hard.

Aquame Smart Water Bottle

What is AQUAME?

AQUAME’s well-loved smart water bottles feature high-tech built-in screens and hydration sensors that keep tabs of how much you’re drinking a day, and give you daily detailed reports on your drinking habits, while allowing you to set custom drinking reminders.

I mean, I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m super competitive, or just the sheer thought of having a trackable, visual goal somehow, but somehow this smart water bottle makes everything so much more motivating (???). Not to mention, it’s a big, fat sticker of accountability that never goes away (unless you let the batteries go flat, don’t do that).

Suck that, dehydration.

It goes without saying, that these bottles are completely temperature-controlled to keep cool drinks cold and hot drinks hot for long periods, as well as BPA-free, easy to clean and leak-proof, too.

Aquame Smart Water Bottle

AQUAME 2.0, $89.95

How to use your smart drink bottle?

All you’ve gotta do is make sure your bottle is charged, and that you’ve downloaded the AQUAME smartphone application, so the two are synced for the most accurate data.

From there, you’ll set your daily water intake goals and the app will track your drinking and help you set custom reminders/alarms

One of the bottle’s infamous Hydration Coach features will also assess your pre-workout hydration levels, and then recommend an optimal intake to prime the body for peak performance. Following the workout, the coach then analyses hydration depletion and suggests personalised post-exercise recovery hydration. How’s that for A fucking I, huh?

How much will a smart bottle set you back?

The new AQUAME 2.0 bottle costs $89.95 and comes in three different colourways — neon pink, cobalt blue and jet black. One to suit all your different personalities.

Where to buy AQUAME?

Get on AQUAME’s smart bottle pre-order list here.

Stay hydrated, folks.