We Tried A Bunch Of Fancy Water Bottles To See If They Made Us Drink More Each Day

If you’re not drinking enough water each day, you’re not alone. Most of us aren’t getting our hydration intake nailed through the week – whether it’s because we’re busy or we simply HATE WATER. But could the right bottles make you drink more?

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We decided to give it a try – maybe if we switched our bottles over to something bigger, colder, or frankly more stylish, we’d consume the 2 litres a day we’re all meant to be consuming.

Russell Athletic 2LPD Drink Bottle, $24.99

I already drank quite a bit of water at my desk but I have absolutely no doubt that this water bottle, by sheer virtue of its enormous size and garish eye-catching colour, encouraged me to to drink far more. The time indicators on the bottle did not help me at all because they’re tiny and hard to read. I was aware of how much more I drank because I needed to piss about twenty times a day. Excellent product but mostly because of its enormous size. – James

S’Well @ The Iconic Insulated Bottle 750ml, $79.95

I’d wanted an insulated water bottle for ages because I will drink a million glasses of cold water, but room temp is abhorrent and ungodly. I found this bottle kept my water ice cold if I got it from the weird water machine at work, but the best part was the size – S’Well come in 500ml and 750ml, and I find I’ll fill this up twice – once in the morn, once after lunch – and drink the 1.5L easily. It’s not the full 2L but it’s bloody closer than the measly glass or two I used to drink. – Mel

Orchard St Black Obsidian Crystal Water Bottle, $93

Luckily I’m a believer in crystals and their ~ healing energies ~, I very much bought into this bottle’s potential to take the negative energy out of my water / life. I prefer ice cold water (I’m weird), so it loses points for not being an insulated bottle. But because of its smaller size and the fact I drank it quickly to savour the cold water from the tap, I felt like I got up off my ass to fill it up more and drank more water as a result, which is a win for me. Sometimes I feel like I sit at my desk all day and don’t get up enough. Also, every time I was having a bad day I felt better after drinking from this black tourmaline-infused bottle. You may call it a placebo effect but I call it MAGIC. Agree to disagree! – Josie

BKR @ Mecca 1L Bottle, $73

The bkr water bottle definitely helped me keep hydrated while at my desk during the day. Because it’s made of glass, it’s a bit heavy on its own (even more-so when filled) so I honestly didn’t take it away from my desk too often. I wouldn’t say that it made me aware of how much I drink every day, because the rubber casing hides how much is in the bottle, but there were a couple of times when I picked it up to have a sip and it was empty without me realising. I think maybe the combination of the weight and the fact that you can’t keep track of your drinking progress throughout the day, the bkr bottle didn’t help me to drink more, but it sure made me feel fancy. – Courtney

HydraGo Alkaline Water Bottle, $49

This bottle is wild – you pop a sachet that acts as a filter, allegedly alkalising your water to 9+. It definitely made the water taste different – I would say the only way to describe it would be “cleaner”, but that could also be my mind convincing me. That being said, if you have issues with your guts and have been recommended alkaline water (which does happen sometimes), this is a better way for the environment than buying those store-bought versions! – Mel