Dude Proposes To His GF During An Intense Game Of Family Charades & The Reaction Was Priceless

What I love about TikTok is its eclectic nature. As you scroll through your feed, you’ll find everything from clips of your fave shows and movies to spicy story times to cute videos of animals. But one TikTok genre that I particularly enjoy is the wholesome proposal video.

It’s always super sweet to see people — especially total strangers, weirdly — get engaged and announce their love for one another to the world by sharing the proposal vid on social media.

You could say they’re doing it for the likes and views or you could say that they just want to spread the love and the brief social media stardom is a lil bonus. The cherry on top, if you will.

This proposal video is a personal fave of mine because it’s just so damn wholesome. No frills. No bells and whistles. Just an extremely wholesome way to pop the question.

In the vid, a couple is engaging in a game of charades (see what I did there?) with their whole fam.

The soon-to-be missus is pretending to be a bear, when she turns around to see her man on his knee with a ring.

TikTok proposal video

Bless them!!!!! (Credit: TikTok)

“My fiance proposed during an intense game of family charades,” the caption reads.

Just have a go at her look of surprise, will ya?

At the time of writing, it’s copped 10.3M views and 795.8K likes.

“This is how it’s done,” one commenter wrote.

“The funniest yet sweetest proposal,” wrote another.

A third person wrote: “When you can be yourself in front of your person. Real love.” Facts!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be perusing TikTok for more lovely proposal vids as a reminder that love ain’t a lie after all.