5 Mother’s Day Pre-Gift Ideas That Will Ensure Your Rightful Place As Favourite Child

Mothers Day Australia ideas

Your mum went through nausea, pain and her mother-in-law breathing down her neck to bring you into the world, and you’re going to get her a mug for Mother’s Day? No more.

Instead of being caught off guard like you do every year, here is a list of pre-gifting ideas that she won’t internally hate you for.

It’s also a great way to flaunt that you’re the best sibling, once and for all.

Place a delivery in advance

If you’re forgetful like us, don’t worry, we have you sorted. You can order pretty much anything in advance to be delivered to her door. From a cupcake bouquet to flowers, or even a pony — whatever she wants, to arrive in time for the big day. All you have to do is order the pre-gift, and in the future, you will be thanked big time when you get a call from mum.

Make a cute little gift box

Let’s be honest, at the end of the day, she probably knows what she wants better than anyone else. Make her a basket that has everything she needs to pursue her wildest dreams. Instant Scratch-Its tickets will help her potentially win money for a luxurious holiday to escape her gremlins, AKA you. Plus, they start out as little as $1, just think about how many you could get. (Not a lot of gifts are that price these days, that’s a steal.) You can also sprinkle in gift cards at all her favourite stores to sweeten the deal, not just random ones, please.

Book a pre-Mother’s Day

Look, we get it, sometimes you’re busy on Mother’s Day. Whether you’re working or it’s your partner’s turn to visit their mother, these things (sometimes) can’t be helped. Your mum will tell you she understands, but deep down, you know it upsets her, which is why you should do a pre-Mother’s Day. Go on a weekend away to somewhere she’s been dying to go, an all-expenses paid spa experience, take her shopping, or horse riding. It’s your mother, you should know what she likes.

Order a yearly subscription

Considering you wouldn’t be here without her, it’s not just Mother’s Day but Mother’s YEAR. This is where a subscription comes in, where your mum will get something each month and think of you. Whatever they like, from a tea box to calm her down after dealing with you, gardening seeds for the green thumb mum, even a hobby box for the mother who masters hobby to hobby. The key here is to get something she’ll actually like, otherwise you’ll be in the dog house. (Hint: don’t get her a subscription that has anything to do with cleaning. Just don’t.)

Arts and crafts (but better)

If the budget is tight at the moment (whose isn’t), your arts and crafts skills will really come in handy here. From crocheting her a blanket, to creating a photo book of you both to look back on. She’ll feel loved that you’ve worked hard on her present and put yourself in it. Before you tell us you don’t have the skills, if we can do it, you can too. (Also, TikTok videos help heaps here.) If she’s missing Easter already, you can paint toy easter eggs and hide them around the house, with Instant Scratch-Its tickets inside.

The thought really is what matters here, as let’s be honest, anything her mini-me creates is a work of art. Whether you spend money on her or create physical art, there’s an option for every budget/talent to pre-gift. You can kick back and relax while your siblings freak out and try to steal your idea, followed by asking if they can go halves in the Instant Scratch-Its tickets.