NOOOOO: This Sydney Proposal Became My Personal Hell When The Groom Lost The Ring In The Sand

Coogee beach proposal goes wrong when ring goes missing in sand

Pour one out for this man who proposed to his girlfriend in front of hundreds of onlookers at a public beach only to lose the ring in the sand. I would actually just walk into the ocean.

Sydney man Zay had an elaborate set up planned for his romantic proposal to Sai at Coogee Beach, complete with a gorgeous spiral of twinklights in the sand, a giant “Marry Me” sign and a huge crowd of family, friends and strangers to commemorate his love in front of.

Side note, put a public proposal like this would give me so much anxiety because all I would be able to think about would be making sure my facial expressions convey my joy at this occasion, lest someone make a TikTok about how my body language actually means I hate my BF and suddenly I’m the new Couch Guy.

My spiral aside, all was going well for Zay until he, no doubt nervous, accidentally fumbled the loose ring — which fell somewhere in the fkn sand.

Cue family and friends frantically foraging around, trying not to disturb the meticulously laid twinkling lights as they looked for the rock that was meant to be sitting on Sai’s finger. Again, did I mention all the fkn onlookers????


Coogee takes its newest victim

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

The good news is Sai confirmed on her Instagram that the ring was, in fact, found and the two are now happily engaged. Yay!

“I said YES!!” she wrote in the caption of a picture taken during the proposal.

“Completely taken by surprise and completely in love.

“I never could have imagined a proposal as perfect and magical as the one you gave me. You have a way of making everything so special and unforgettable.”

She then shared a TikTok of the proposal with the caption: “Pro tip from my fiancé: don’t propose with a loose ring on sand.”

All’s well that end’s well, right? Congratulations to the happy couple!