Fans of the Skate franchise are losing their minds after Skate 3‘s servers were mysteriously brought back online this week, feeding speculation around the announcement of Skate 4 at E3 next week.

Skate 3 players have already started jumping online again, but more importantly, they’re wondering why the fuck EA would suddenly bring the game’s online services back up with no announcement. Of course, the company has remained tight-lipped as to why, which is only fuelling the raging Skate 4 rumour fire.

Given Skate 3 was released back in 2010, it’s certainly due for a follow up, particularly with so much community outcry for it. Folks have been hungry as fuck for a sequel for ages so just bloody GIVVUS.

Another less exciting possibility for the sudden reboot is that the company may be simply testing to see if a sequel is worth the hassle. I guess from EA’s perspective, anyone who jumps on to play the 8-year-old game within days of an unannounced server reboot is almost certain to buy a new game in the franchise.

But now that Skate 3 is hanging out on Xbox One‘s backwards compatibility platform, the servers could just be catering to that audience. Other fans are speculating that a Skate 3 remaster might be on the cards.

Either way, we’ll find out when EA – usually the first company out of the gate – makes its announcements at E3 next week. Here’s hoping we actually do get a Skate 4.

Source: GameSpot
Image: EA