It’s certainly not hard to hang shit on Donald Trump. It doesn’t take a Harvard-level education to craft a decent gag or two from virtually anything he says or does. But shit-a-brick, whatever half-baked, community theatre-ass hell hole this Simpsons “gag” grew from needs to be shut off and closed up for good. Because WOOF.

The disastrously long-running series uploaded a clip to YouTube – who knows whether it’s promotion for the show’s upcoming 31st (CHRIST) season or, lord help me, something that’s actually going to wind up in an episode – featuring a half-baked Trump impression as 45 trots out wafer-thin quips about his hair (edgy), before the vaunted Democratic Party “Squad” of Alexandria Ocasio-CortezIlhan OmarAyanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib show up, and then Trump just kinda… falls down.

Also, the whole thing is a parody of America from West Side Story.

It is exactly as bad as it sounds, and then some.

Christ almighty what an absolute mess. Not a single part of any of that is anything other than deeply embarrassing.

In throughly unshocking news, the clip copped an absolute pasting on social media after its release late yesterday.

‘Course they all missed the quite obvious but still good response to that one, being:

‘The Simpsons’ Is Getting Smashed Over This Embarrassing Mess Of A Trump Parody Clip

Honestly, I’d much prefer an all-new episode of Eastern Europe’s favourite cat and mouse team Worker & Parasite over whatever the hell that utter dross was.

A mess. An absolute, unmitigated mess.