Trump Posted A Photoshopped Pic Of Trump Tower In Greenland And I Just Fucken… What?

US President Donald Trump has excreted an extremely stupid tweet referencing recent reports he wanted America to straight-up buy Greenland from Denmark, and we fear even reading about it will demolish a few million of your remaining brain cells.

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Trump today shared of the Las Vegas Trump International Hotel digitally inserted into an image of a small Greenlandic village, days after The Washington Post reported he seriously floated the idea of acquiring the Danish territory.

“I promise not to do this to Greenland!”, the guy wrote. The inference here is “but maybe I should, right?”, but we’ll let that slide for the time being.

Very dumb.

While we can’t yet confirm where Trump got the image, we have a fairly good idea. His son Eric Trump shared the same image on his Instagram account roughly an hour prior, voicing his approval for the president’s big plan.

“I don’t know about you guys but I love the concept of buying Greenland,” the guy said, in a transparent attempt to OwN tHe LiBs.

But where did Eric get the image from? All signs point to conservative podcaster Jon Gabriel, who shared the doctored image a full three days ago.

It’s worth noting that both Donald and Eric Trump omitted his name from their posts, but whatever.

So that’s all enough to dissolve a significant amount of grey matter, but the post itself pale in comparison to the stupidity of Trump’s Greenland proposal.

After The Washington Post’s bombshell report alleging Trump was interested acquiring in the enormous island, Trump confirmed the news to reporters on Sunday.

“We’re very good allies with Denmark, we protect Denmark like we protect large portions of the world,” The Guardian quoted him as saying.

“So the concept came up and I said, ‘Certainly I’d be [interested].’ Strategically it’s interesting and we’d be interested but we’ll talk to them a little bit.

“It’s not number one on the burner, I can tell you that.”

A generous assessment of the situation suggests that Trump thinks Greenland, an enormous slab of land perched to the north-west of Canada, is of strategic importance to the US.

Even then, Denmark’s PM Mette Frederiksen also shot down the discussion, telling Greenlandic paper Sermitsiaq that “I strongly hope that this is not meant seriously.”

Just an extreme level of idiotic shit here, folks. Sorry for even bringing it into your lives.