If you’ve come this far you’re probably already expecting spoilers but nonetheless, SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!

After a brief two-week hiatus (thanks a lot US Open), Rick & Morty returned to screens yesterday with ‘The Rickmantis Mixup,’ the seventh episode in the currently on-going third season.

Say what you want about the direction of the current season thus far – like say, as good as ‘Pickle Rick‘ was it was still a sharp and perhaps needlessly violent departure from a series that always made a point of putting meaning behind its brutality – but this week’s episode was as intense and bleakly brilliant as the show has ever been.

Leaving C-137 Rick and Morty – “our” Rick and Morty, if you will – behind, the episode ventured back to the Citadel of Ricks which, as it turns out, avoided total destruction stemming from the events of ‘The Rickshank Rickdemption,’ and is instead attempting to rebuild itself as a democracy.

But all is not well, particularly with a spate of Mortys left Rickless who have taken to crime in the seedy depths of Mortytown, policed by an increasingly jaded and corrupt Cop Morty and his newly assigned Rick partner.

Up in the higher ranks of Government, a charismatic Morty is rising quickly by capturing the Citadel’s imagination in an audacious bid for President which is ultimately successful, despite hiding a horrible secret.

And finally, a middle-class of Ricks forced to do menial labour serving under Ricks with bigger personality – despite all Ricks being fundamentally equal – is shattered when a factory worker Rick goes postal, murdering a supervisor and taking the entire facility hostage.

It’s a brutal, stark take on police brutality, classism, racial profiling and discrimination, capitalism, and systemic political corruption that somehow manages to be intensely funny and still fit into a 22-minute episode.

The reaction online has been quite overwhelming, with the general consensus being it could not only be the greatest episode of Rick & Morty to date, but one of the greatest episodes of animated TV period.

And yeah, sure, while this speech from – what turns out to be – the returning Evil Morty is all well and good…

…somehow the full stop of the episode is bloody “mermaid puss.”

Un. Fucken. Real.

What now becomes of a Citdel divided?

Image: Master of All Science