A ‘Rick & Morty’ Search Engine Now Exists So You Can Pass The Butter / GIFs

Much like, say, ‘The Simspons‘ or ‘Futurama,’ there’s now pretty much a ‘Rick & Morty‘ quote or moment that applies to most things.

While in the before time – the long, long ago – you’d have to do archaic nonsense like actually remember that line, because this is the current year and the internet is wonderful, you’ve now got yourself a comprehensive resource of quotes, screenshots, and GIFs readily available at your fingertips, Morty.

The creators of the truly magnificent Frinkiac and Morbotron search engines have pieced together another one for Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland‘s incredibly popular and insanely good animated series.

Master of All Science does exactly the same as its companion show search engines: It allows you to pull any screenshot from any episode of ‘Rick & Morty‘ by simply plugging in a line of dialogue.

That’s it. That’s all you gotta do. Punch in the dialogue, make your GIF, and then boom.

Internet magic.

Where Master of all Science has the edge over its predecessors, however, is in the fact that ‘Rick & Morty‘ is a brand new show, meaning that unlike ‘The Simpsons‘ or some of the earlier episodes of ‘Futurama,’ all the screenshots from this search engine are stupidly high-res. There’s no – *burp* – no loss of resolution or pixellation here, Morty. None at all.

The site group’s creators blasted out a statement on the safe arrival of their new interplanetary baby shortly after its official launch:

GIF and meme your way to happiness with all the tools you’ve come to expect from our sites, but now with ‘Rick & Morty’! We’ve got every episode aired to date conveniently indexed so even an idiot like Jerry can find what they’re looking for. Learn important facts like Pluto is a cold, cold celestial dwarf, buy some turbulent juice while watching ball fondlers, or just listen to it feels good while you purge! You’ll be like a god, the infinite Rick.

New episodes are also being added to the service as they air, but there’s a small, minor delay between the episode premiering and the screenshots becoming available, meaning you’ll have to wait *a little bit*.

Welcome to the club, pal.