Here’s When The First 5 Episodes Of ‘Rick & Morty’ S3 Will Be On Oz Netflix

Earlier today we shared a few ways you can (legally) watch the third season of Rick & Morty which resumes today. While Netflix was one of those options, we weren’t entirely sure about when the episodes would be available, if at all on the Australian version.

We now have an answer, folks, and it’s mostly good.

I say mostly because the rumours are true – you’ll have to wait an extra week for new episodes to appear after they air on TV, but Netflix Australia has told PEDESTRIAN.TV that yes, all episodes will make it to our shores on the platform.

The legends have even provided us with the dates for the first 5 episodes. Write them in your diary now.

Episode 1: 30/07/2017 (yes, it aired ages ago, but is only now available on Netflix.)
Episode 2: 06/08/2017
Episode 3: 13/08/2017
Episode 4: 20/08/2017
Episode 5: 27/08/2017

So there you go, you won’t have to arse around with a VPN if you can patently wait an extra week for fresh episodes.

The other options we listed will require a VPN but only one is worth your time – watching it via the Adult Swim website.

Because their content is often geoblocked, the VPN will get you around this. We’ve reached out to Adult Swim Australia to see if they plan on making it available to Aussie audiences, but are yet to receive a reply.

Any other means of viewing is for internet crims and will send you straight to internet jail. Use at your own risk.