‘Pickle Rick’ Might Well Be The Most Bonkers ‘Rick & Morty’ Ep Of All Time

Fair warning to you all, this is a giant toot of the SPOILER horn if you’re waiting patiently to “legally” watch the new episodes of ‘Rick & Morty‘ as they appear on Netflix AU on a one-week delay.

If, by some stroke of internet luck, you’ve managed to have this week’s episode magically appear on your screens, or if you’re the kind of level-headed normal person who doesn’t let the odd stray spoiler ruin their day, then feel free to read on.

Otherwise, now might be a good-ass time to smash that MFing back button on the ole’ browser. It’s ok. It’s only another week to wait. It ain’t that long.

The third episode of season three hit the airwaves in the US yesterday, finally bringing everyone a full look at the teaser trailer’s most utterly cooked premise: Pickle Rick.

The long and skinny of it? In order to avoid going to family therapy, Rick transforms himself into a pickle.

That’s it.

Rick even cuts off any potential meta-layering reveal at the pass, telling Morty “Stop digging for hidden layers and just be impressed.

‘Course Rick then gets himself flushed down the toilet after making a mech-suit out of rat parts and garbage and winds up engaging in one of the most outrageous animated action sequences you’re ever likely to see.

As you do.

We’ll leave the actual footage up to you to watch in full because, truly, it needs to be seen to be believed. But as far as the internet is concerned, a prodigious amount of shit was lost over the episode.



The Pickle incarnation of Rick is so striking that it’s already being hailed as a potential show-stealing number come Halloween this year.


And in that case cosplayers can thank their lucky stars the character model that wound up on-screen was the “toned down” version of what could have been. Cop these earlier concept sketches for the briney one’s mecha rat suit.

In the meantime, pray for the animators of the series, who are probably in need of a hellishly stiff drink right now.