MTV Australia have announced the first-ever season of Teen Mom Australia – and they’re casting for it rn.

Oh yes, that does say ‘Mom’, and no one has explained yet what is so very wrong about calling it Teen Mum. Maybe there’s something naff about actual Aussie vernacular/our actual memories of shouting “MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!” to a woman busy you know, doing 90% of domestic labour, about ten metres away from where we were sitting.

MTV dropped the news on their Instagram with what could’ve been a corny video – all soft-rock and sweet images of cute bubs and their mummos. But that quickly ramped up into a nightmare flight scenario, where a baby is crying in the seat next to you, while – you’re in the middle seat – a kid on the other side listens to techno beats at such a volume that you can hear every drop through their headphone speakers.

Here’s the tagline: “Sometimes life can throw you a little surprise, and suddenly you go from clubs to bubs.

Oh JFC, I hate that I will be watching the shit out of this.

MTV are currently “looking for a cast of young mums to tell their stories” on the ten-ep run of Teen Mom Australia, which is due to air sometime next year.

Basically they’re hoping some poor 16-year-old girl wants fame real badly/to be like these people we definitely 100% remembered the names of, sure, from the original series back in 2010: Farrah AbrahamCatelynn BaltierraMaci McKinney and Amber Portwood. Sarah Palin‘s daughter Bristol even had a go during the seventh season, which dropped in October this year.

If you are genuinely interested in this opportunity (???) to be on the telly (Foxtel/Fetch) and to be called a series of classist slurs (I’m not writing them, you know what they are, stop using them), you can apply HERE.

They’re specifically looking for Aussie mums aged 16 years and over, with kids under two years old, who are willing to be filmed from early March next year for up to 12 weeks. All ya gotta do is fill in the form and upload pics of you and your kids, including full-length shots, which feels deeply fkn weird, they’re kids, and answer a coupla questions.

You’ll be asked for info about your living sitch, the age of your kid, and then two easy peasy questions:

Tell us about your journey as a young mother to date.

Why do you want to be involved in Teem Mom Australia?

Televised footage of you chasing your one-year-old around your mum’s house is but a five-minute application away. Godspeed.

Source: Who
Image: Teen Mom