We’re now one episode away from the blessed Masked Singer finale – hoorah, we’ve survived. While this latest episode was certainly something, this newly-surfaced blooper of Nikki Webster stuck in what can only be described as an alien amniotic sac certainly takes the cake.

Please feast your eyes on the glorious vision below, and pay special attention to the contrast of Dannii Minogue looking mildly concerned and Lindsay Lohan straight-up pissing herself. The queen that keeps on giving, I love thee.

Speed round-up time!

Paulini stunned Lindsay, which meant Paulini stunned me – whatever LiLo feels, I feel.

Deni Hines fans rejoiced.

The internet screamed at the slow reveals.

Everyone’s pretty bloody confident about their final picks, especially the robot being Cody Simpson, which would be fucking hilarious given his “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” rendition.

You’re all a bunch of Nancy Drews and I appreciate your sleuthing.

The finale is shaping up to be a right hoot (of sorts), but I’m just really upset that we only have one more episode of LiLo being LiLo.

BRB, replaying Nikki stuck in an amniotic sac.

Stream “Xanax” for clear skin.

Image: Channel 10