Love Island UK has been pretty tame this season for the most part. Sure, there was that Curtis / Amy drama, but when compared to like, the Love Island Australia Cassidy / Grant / Tayla bullshit it’s all been kinda hunky dory, really.

Until last night, that is. Well, last night in Australia – the show is ahead in the UK by one ep, so we won’t speak of what’s to come. Let’s just deep dive on the truly maniacal areas that were Jordan taking India for a chat before even telling Anna he was into the new gal. Anna his GIRLFRIEND, mind you.

ICYMI, I’ll rewind a bit. So Jordan and Anna have been, for the most part, pretty solid aside from that Casa Amor moment where Anna went off with Ovie for 0.0002 seconds. Big mistake, huge tbh to not just stay with Ovie who is QUITE CLEARLY THE VILLA MVP.

The Jordan / Anna Blow Up On ‘Love Island UK’ Last Night Was Out Of Control
sexy and also not a fucking psychopathic loser, I’ll take him

Anyway, Anna’s always been a bit suss on Jordan’s age – he’s like 22, whereas she’s 28. Mood, girl – I once dated a dude 5 years younger than me and it turned out exactly as you would expect it would turn out. Which is what ended up happening with Anna, by which I mean that her instincts were correct: Jordan was a pissbaby 22-year-old child with no backbone.

The Jordan / Anna Blow Up On ‘Love Island UK’ Last Night Was Out Of Control
i’m a widdle baby

See, Jordan had somehow decided just DAYS after dramatically asking Anna to be his girlfriend (yes, really) that he actually had strong feelings for India. That’s fine – shit happens, ok. It’s Love Island UK. Not like, Everyone Stay Together No Drama Ever UK.

The thing is, instead of doing the adult thing which would be to break it off privately with Anna, THEN crack onto India… he just tells Curtis, then immediately decides he should whisk India away to crack on.

The Jordan / Anna Blow Up On ‘Love Island UK’ Last Night Was Out Of Control
mmm huge sparks here, massive.

India was like 100% not into it, but did the polite thing bc she considered Jordan her mate in the house. But threw “MATE” in so much that is was clearly obvious she wasn’t vibing him.

Ovie, once again being a stone-cold ledge, was chill about the whole fucking thing and didn’t have a large baby tanty bc he rules / knows he doesn’t own women / is the only light in that godforsaken hell-hole.

Meanwhile Curtis tells Maura who loses her shit naturally and tells Anna. Cue Anna storming (!!!) over to Jordan / India to scream at Jordan… flanked by ALL THE GALS IN THE VILLA.

The Jordan / Anna Blow Up On ‘Love Island UK’ Last Night Was Out Of Control
bit much but also FUCK YEAH LADIES

The fight was INSANE – and in great news has been uploaded in it’s entirety to YouTube.

I’d also like to give props to Anna for not making any of it about India, and instead focusing all wrath on Jordan as life should be.

Tonight’s ep is set to be a booting one, so here’s hoping in some magic luck that Jordan gets shafted while Anna sticks around. You can catch it on 9NOW.