Well here we are. There is just one episode left, two women left, one man left, one host left, one rose left, and an entire extremely angry audience of raging fans, upset at tonight’s ‘The Bachelor‘ and what went down.

After meeting the families of Tara, Elise, and Laura, it was time for Matty J to take each of the three on one last solo date, so he could make the decision about which two contestants would be going on to meet his family, and who he will choose in the finale.

All three dates turned out to be essentially the same, with Matty arriving in some fun form of transport like in a vintage car, on a train, on a sea plane, and on a yacht. Tara was most excited about hers.

After the fun part of each date, he sat down with all the women individually so they could discuss emotions and whatnot. Oh yeah and he also drew Laura.

All three women admitted that they were in love with him, on the way to being in love with him, or could see themselves falling in love with him. Like this.

Just imagine that, except with the other two faces of the women.

Crowd-favourite Tara and Matty talk about how much they’ve missed each other, how she makes him laugh every single day, and how time suspends for him when they kiss. Wow, seems like he’s really into her and it definitely won’t be Tara going home at the rose ceremony, right?

Welllllllllllll you can probably guess the answer to that. Matty looks nervous as he gets ready for the final cocktail party, and he relative quickly hands a rose to Laura, and then…..to Elise.

Tara is gone, and so is the person with the most personality.

Matty J actually seems more upset than Tara, but nobody is more upset, or angry, than the people who loved Tara. Which was everyone.

People are so mad they are even going cross-platform, leaving angry comments on Matty J’s Instagram.


It seems the only thing that will soothe the angry beast is for Tara to follow in Sophie Monk‘s footsteps on ‘The Bachelorette‘ in 2018.

Good luck, one and all. Especially you Matty. You need it the most.

Image: Channel 10/The Bachelor Australia