Tara Brought A Half-Eaten Snag To Her Matty J Chat & We’re All In Love

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was dramatic as hell, you guys. I for one cannot wait for Jen to start sledging off the producers, Matty, and every girl in that house. You’re the girl who “walked away from Matty J”? Oh, honey. That was a mercy exit.

But before that backstabbing drama went down, things were looking great. The girls were having fun! Thongs were being chucked into eskies! The budget extended to a dinner of snags!

And in amongst this cheap and cheerful-ness, there’s my girl Tara.

Tara, that wonderful mix of perfect and adorable, was mid-bite when Matty asked to have a private chat during dinner – and as we all know because the girls won’t stop saying it, one-on-one time with Matty is just so important.

But instead of just plopping the half-eaten snag back on her plate, Tara took her dinner with her.

Tell me her priorities of food over dudes isn’t the best thing about this show.

I’m scared to go on toooo much about how much I love Tara, because I’m worried that somehow this will cause Matty to travel back in time and not pick her. And the only positive outcome of that would be if Tara could then be next season’s Bachelorette. An entire season of Tara? GIMME.

Luckily, there’s plenty of OTHER people going on about how much they love Tara – including our man Osh….

… and lots of people who aren’t Osh…



…. and basically everyone in the Facebook comments.

Tara: please never, ever, ever change.