‘Bachie’ Insiders Claim Your #1 Crush Tara Is Keener On A Waiter Than Matty

There should really be a show like The Bachelor, but without a bachelor. Just cop ousted contestant Florence’s post-dumping Instagram post: it’s full of positivity and cute memories of her time in the house, palling it up with former strangers.

You’d also get a chance to catch some of the juicy sniping that goes on away from cameras, and today’ reported insider yarn is a primo example: A Daily Mail source alleges that favourite Laura Byrne savaged competitor Tara Pavlovic by exposing her crush on a Bachelor cocktail party waiter to Matty J. 

According to the publication, Matty was walking with Tara to have a one-on-one date when Laura said “don’t worry Matty, she prefers Derek over you anyway.” The Derek in question is none other than Derek Reiter, the fella booted from the show two weeks in, allegedly after getting way too flirty with the contestants.

Another insider quoted by the Daily Mail said Tara insisted on calling Matty ‘Derek’ when he wasn’t around as a sign of how keen she was for the random drink-deliverer.

Again, this show can’t have the spotlight away from the Bachelor himself. More reason to try a season without him. All of this is compounded by the fact Reiter told Woman’s Day that he actually asked Tara out via text, and a sneaky Instagram chat seemingly between the two captured on one of her recent Instagram posts:

Damn. Okay, maybe the Bachelor does need to be included if he’s going to be the catalyst of all this drama.