‘Bachie’ Insiders Reckon Matty J Pulls A Shock Finale Stunt That Ends Badly

We are staring down the barrel of The Bachelor finals week, and Australia‘s mags are competing to see who has the biggest scoop.

Over in the NW corner, and it appears our dear Matty J will propose to either Laura, Tara or Elise this Thursday night – and get brutally rejected for his troubles.

An alleged source says the winner turns down Matty’s proposal because it was “too soon” to commit, leaving Bachelor producers scrambling to recut the episode to avoid showing Matty’s heartbreak – again.

The insider told the mag:

“It was brutal. She just stood there for a while before she started crying and told him that she couldn’t say yes – not yet.

“She was trying to be realistic about the whole thing. Think about it – up until the day before, he had three girlfriends!

“It was devastating because everyone wanted Matty to find true love. It’s his biggest fear that he’ll be single forever.”

And over in New Idea, it appears that Laura – the rumoured frontrunner, if not the fan favourite – made a secret pact with Matty to win this thing before the show had even begin filming.

The source tells the mag that the pair began dating before the show, but decided to go through it anyway for the fame that comes with being attached to the Bachelor franchise.

“Matty couldn’t pull out [of The Bachelor] because he was under contract and it stated that he wasn’t allowed to date in the lead up to the show but agreed it would be good for their future if they went along with it,’ a source allegedly told the publication.

“Producers knew they had met before, but didn’t know the extent of the relationship.”

The source also says that Tara and Elise were left fuming when they found out, adding:

“They didn’t deserve to be treated this way and they’re bitter.”

DRAMA! Guess all we can do is a) stay glued to our television screens this Wednesday and Thursday night, and b) read every post-exit interview and Instagram post possible. I hate what this show has done to my life.