Florence’s First Insta Post After Her ‘Bachie’ Dumping Is So Damn Positive

Ah, Florence. A wholly positive influence on an otherwise drama-loaded season of The Bachelor. Stealer of hearts. Bearer of bulbs…

… And the latest eliminated contestant.

After a somewhat tense Hometown visit and the crushing rose ceremony, your Dutch favourite has taken to Instagram to revel in the whole experience. Naturally for her, it’s as wholesome a write-up as you could reasonably expect from someone ceremoniously dumped on national TV.

Instead of bemoaning the behaviour of *cough* certain other contestants *cough*, Florence Alexandra Sophia issued what is essentially a big ol’ group hug post to her Bachie pals. Seriously, strap yourself in, because she really, really enjoyed spending time with the whole crew:

Last time posing in front of ‘our’ mansion, where I made a 1000 memories, shed a few tears, had a million laughs and fell madly in love with my new army of amazing girlfriends. I’ll never forget how we would watch Netflix in our PJs all day, me always hiding the remote in my hair, my bra, or other places where the sun doesn’t shine, the pool parties, the Easter egg hunt, dancing and singing to the Backstreet Boys with Elora, the one time I went to the gym, Alix‘s body painting at birthday parties and playing Never Have I Ever over wines. The tennis games and the candy theft with Elise and Lisa. The late night chats and laughs until we cried with Laura. The sleepovers with Cobie and Pumba. Eating the entire pantry while making pig sounds with Tara. Exchanging clothes with Simone. And also the girls who left earlier on have forever won a place in my heart.

Of course, there’s Matty. Speaking to TV Week after her elimination, the 27-year-old revealed it was actually a bit of a relief to be booted, as “I really liked him but he wasn’t in love with me and I wasn’t in love with him.” Fair enough, really. Giving it a try didn’t hurt.

To her Insta faithful, she said much the same thing.

Unfortunately it’s not meant to be for me and Matty, but that’s ok. I’m grateful for all the amazing time we spent together, the fun that we had, and whoever is going to be the girl in the end – he’s got bloody good taste. I wish them nothing but the best and if you’re looking for me I’ll be on a certain dating app. Just kidding. I’m not that desperate.

If only every season of this show could facilitate such sweet moments, without the soul-rending drama. Catch the whole post below, and prepare for the exact opposite of the above (read: abject carnage) in the show’s final weeks.