Flo & Jake Are Airing Their Dirty Laundry After Last Night’s ‘Bachie In Paradise’

Quite aside from the whole “Blake forgetting Laurina‘s name” drama of last night’s Bachelor In Paradise, there was a whole other shit-show unfolding before our very eyes: Florence, Jake, Megan.


A quick lowdown for the very few of you who didn’t watch the show: Flo gave Jake her rose in the first ceremony, wanting to pursue their ~relationship~ from the outside further. The next day, Jake had backed the hell off, and was unknowingly selected by Megan for her first date. Jake went in for a pash, Megan reciprocated, and all the next day, Flo went into a (VERY UNDERSTANDABLE) meltdown wondering if Jake was even going to give her a rose back.

Spoiler: he didn’t.

And here’s what everyone’s saying the next day.

Florence says she’ll “never trust [Jake] again and I can’t be friends with him”, telling PopSugar Australia that right up until the rose ceremony, she had believed she was staying.

“Ten minutes before the rose ceremony, he grabbed me for a chat and was like, it’s undeniable, it’s here between us, blah blah blah . . . All the sweet talk. So I was like, surely you’re not going to talk to me and then send me home five minutes after, because you didn’t have to come up to me for a chat. He didn’t have to say all that, but he did. And afterwards, I was like, you are unbelievable, I have no words. So much for convincing me that I should let you stay.”

They don’t talk anymore.

On Instagram, she was more breezy: “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Bye Paradise, you were intense. Think I need a yoga retreat and a few chill pills now.”


She also gave a shout-out to her “forever mates” Tara and Nina for being “my absolute rock”.

“Unconditional support from both of you throughout, which I will never forget. Love you both a lot.”

Jake went a whole lot more defensive, after being the orchestrator of last night’s drama. (You know – him and the Bachelor In Paradise producers.) “I’m here to follow MY heart. That’s it,” he said in his Instagram stories. “Just like everyone else in @bachelorinparadiseau.”

On Instagram, he said he’d made mistakes along the way, but never intended to hurt anyone.

“I honestly went into this experience with an open mind and the intent to truly follow my heart. Just like everyone else in Paradise, I am here to find the right person for me and me only, which will include making mistakes and experiencing triumphs along the way. I found myself in a situation that I’ve never been in before in which I never intended to hurt anyone. Yes in hindsight I could have handled it differently, but I am human after all just like you. All I can say is that I did follow my heart and I made a decision in the hope to find myself closer to what I’m searching for in paradise. “

Megan has gone EXTREMELY quiet on her place in the drama – which, tbf, she was largely a bystander to. How Megan managed to come into paradise as both underdog AND frontrunner, I’ll never know, but the girl seems to be coated in fairy dust and unicorn tears. She just glows special.

“Survived my first rose ceremony in Paradise,” she said on Instagram. “Bring on the cocktails!”

Wow, don’t overwhelm us with too much info, Megan.

But into all this airing (or not airing) of dirty laundry comes…. Davey. Yes, THAT Davey, the one who was keen on Flo but failed to get a rose after she bestowed it on Jake.

“Hey can’t say it was all that bad,” he wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of himself and Flo from paradise. “You still did get some flowers after all.”

“Hahahaha is it too early to say I love you?” Florence replied. “Cuz I fucking do. You legend you.”

“Davey and I have been catching up and are on speaking terms,” she told PopSugar, who asked if they were dating. “So who knows what might happen down the road. But not now!”