Seriously Done ‘Daily Mail’ Journo Describes ‘Bachie’ Folk As “Vapid C***s”

Daily Mail Australia seem to have let the c-bomb slide into an article for a couple of hours before they squeaky-cleaned the crap outta it. But it wasn’t just a casual c-bomb, it was a passionate albeit extremely salty one to describe the folk on Bachelor in Paradise and any other reality TV star out there.

The original profile piece is about former Bachie contestant Florence Alexandra and the “unusual cosmetic treatment she uses to combat eye bags”. The piece tells of Florence’s tips and tricks for a glowing complexion, includes a bunch of her pics off Instagram, and describes her time on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise.

Then right in the – since deleted – final paragraph the c-bomb pops up.

“But most people who were educated at a high-school level know these vapid cunts only go on the shows to find mediocre Instagram fame and make a living promoting teeth whiteners and unnecessary cosmetic procedures.” 

Emily Bakerjournalist at the Canberra Times saw the extremely rant-y paragraph, screenshot it, and posted it to her Twitter labelling it as “refreshing honesty from the Daily Mail”. 

Of course, people thought Emily was just joking around until one of her followers went and searched for the article himself.

Ahh, there it is again.

The article has since been updated and the final paragraph completely wiped. According to the site, the para was up for about two hours before someone noticed.

Is this Daily Mail journo completely sick of writing about The Bachelor? Probably. Was the best language used? Probably not.

Bachelor in Paradise returns to our screens tonight and Apollo will finally be crashing the island. Of course, if you do have a high-school level of education you will now know that Apollo just wants mediocre Instagram fame.

*sad face*

See you later tonight.