Surprise Surprise, Every ‘Bachie In Paradise’ Couple Has Already Split Up

In shocking, shocking news – all of the Bachelor in Paradise couples have reportedly split up. All of them! Donezo! The news comes ahead of tonight’s special reunion episode, in which the contestants gather ’round for one final hurrah.

Who would’ve thunk it?

Sources – multiple sources – have told the Daily Mail that all the couples called it quits long before the reunion special even filmed. So that’s Alisha and Jules, Tenille and Nathan, Flo and Davey, and Alex and Bill… which sucks for Alex because during last night’s episode, she told viewers that she had fallen in love with the “charming” Bill.

Caroline and American Alex previously left the show to work on being a couple in the real world but Alex has since told 10Dailythat he and Caroline have broken up.

“It wasn’t so much distance as we just decided that it was — good but not great… along those lines,” he explained.

As usual take these next few Daily Mail source-quotes with a grain of salt, or don’t, because the couples in this season’s Paradise weren’t the greatest:

“It’s so embarrassing for the producers, especially because Bachelor in Paradise likes to portray itself as far more serious and wholesome than MAFS,” the source said.

“But the sad truth is, at least MAFS had two successful couples from this year’s season. Paradise has delivered absolutely nothing.” 


Another insider told Daily Mail that Alex Nation and Bill’s breakup was “messy” and as a result, Bill chose not to rock up to the reunion ep.

“Bill broke up with Alex shortly after they left Fiji and it was really messy,” the insider said. “But since he didn’t show up for the reunion, Alex had to vent all her frustrations at the cardboard Bill and pretend that it was the real deal.”


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