Florence Has Taken The Role Of Regina George On ‘Bachie In Paradise’

Drama has already shaken up the cabana on the first episode of Bachelor in Paradise and who’s in the middle of it all? Not Keira but Florence, who would’ve thunk it?

Addicted – already addicted.

But first, the lowdown of the new rules.

Bachelor in Paradise is obviously very different to the average Bachie season. Instead of seeing a name, age, and occupation when a new face appears, you get a name, age, and season they’re known for. And every time that happens we get to relive the moment they were dumped on national television in our heads. It’s great.

The women and men will take it in turns with the rose ceremony and up first are the women. So to avoid going home, you have to “pair up or pack up” as Osher says.

This honestly feels like a frantic Year 10 formal.

So right from the get go, lad Davey is in to Florence and they flirt and Davey drops a disgusting line of, “eyes are the window to the soul” or something. Then Jake shatters those windows and enters the mansion – I mean, island and straight away whisks Flo off her feet. To make matters worse, Davey and Jake are apparently best mates on the outside so of course they like the same woman.

Now, this could have been some pretty average drama because Davey really liked Flo but who did he pick when he was blessed with the first ever date card? Leah because of some bro-code or as Davey calls it, “a noble act”. So of course, Flo’s bloody pissed and rants about it for most of the episode to just about everyone. And as her eyes are the window to her soul, you can see her taking a part Davey limb by limb.

But here’s when the plot thickens. Apparently Flo and Jake had a bit of a saucy thing on the outside and neither know if they really want to go on with it so here’s your classic Twilight love triangle.

Things also might have looked good between Jake and Flo but beautiful Tara drops a bombshell – apparently Jake’s a bit of a household name on the Gold Coast. So what does Flo do? Confront Jake about it. Long story short, instead of fireworks flying, arguments fly all over the place.

So then you’d be right to assume Flo and Jake’s relationship is over before it even begins (again) but NAH ‘cos Jake lands a date card and picks Flo who says YES. Yes, when she spent the last coupla frames tearing him a bloody new one.

Davey or Jake, Jake or Davey?

As Flo says, “I need a Panadol” somewhere between arguments and honestly same.  

So how do you reckon Twitter reacted?




They didn’t really, ‘cos it’s bloody early days and nobody was ready for this. We just found out MAFS’ Sarah and Telv broke up, far out.

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