Keira From ‘Bachelor’ Says She’s “Past” Her Days Of Kissing Girls & Righto

Oh, Keira. How long it has been since I wrote about my most favourite TV villain.

We all remember her failed bid to win Richie Strahan‘s heart, causing general mayhem in the Bachelor mansion and viewing her fellow hopefuls as tiny, helpless prey ready to be chewed up and spat out at a moment’s notice.

In reality, she was a nightmare whose inflated sense of ego was matched only by the ratings-produced boner of Bachelor executives as they milked every moment out of her self-destruction they could.

So of course Keira would be brought back for Bachelor in Paradise. She is a guaranteed ratings bonanza. But we haven’t even gotten to the premiere yet (that’s this Sunday), and already she’s creating headlines for kinda off-key quotes.

Which brings us to the KIIS FM interview this morning, prompting a Daily Mail headline that she “appears to suggest bisexuality is a phase”.

Naturally, Kyle and Jackie O asked Keira if she had hooked up with any women on Bachelor in Paradise, after promos featuring fellow contestants Meghan Marx and Elora Murger sharing a light night pool smooch aired on television.

“She’s absolutely gorgeous, she’s definitely my type of girl,” says one of them (no one’s sure who).

“I’m 31, I’m past that,” replied Keira. “I’ve kissed girls too but I think I was in my twenties when that happened.”

It also follows an interview with NW earlier this week, where Keira dismissed said pool smooch as being “too raunchy”.

“Meghan and I never disliked each other, I just didn’t agree with certain things that she did,” she said of her roommate. “I just don’t think it’s appropriate for, like, I don’t know. It just looks too raunchy.”

It’s also not the first time Keira has been specifically dismissive of Meghan and women she’s dated. After Meghan’s relationship with Tiffany Scanlon brought national (and international) attention, Keira dismissed the couple as “faking it”, warning people “not to be fooled”.

Photo: Instagram / Keira Maguire via NW.

Meghan herself has written about her discomfort with labels, and the difficulties that come with ‘coming out’ as a “self-described D-grade celebrity.”

“Unfortunately the coming out process for my partner, and the initial stages of our relationship was not an easy feat due to constant criticism from the media, fellow Bachelor contestants, friends and sadly, some of my family,” she wrote for Mamamia in 2017.

“Deeming that a woman who is bisexual and in a female relationship is attention seeking or promiscuous, is easier to comprehend than basic natural disposition. 

“I was duly educated by the best of Australian culture as a child. Lesbians are butch, wear vests over t-shirts, have short multi-coloured hair and if they’re extra rough, they probably ride a Harley motorcycle.

“And the bisexuals? Ha, they’re just slutty really, or at very least it’s just a phase and ‘will be back on the cock in a year’.”


Photo: Bachelor in Paradise.

Anyway, following Bachelor in Paradise, Keira is reportedly coupled up with Jarrod from Sophie Monk‘s season. TBQH with you, I cannot WAIT to watch and see how that one happens – problematic comments or not.

Ugh, Keira. I just can’t seem to quit you.