Roses At The Ready: Florence Is Keen To Be 2018’s Bachelorette

And then there were three: last night, Dutch bombshell Florence was evicted from The Bachelor and Matty J‘s future prospects, but that doesn’t mean she’s gone from our TV screens for good.

In her post-exit interview with New Idea, she said she’d be keen to give being the Bachelorette a while.

“Oh, sign me up!” she said, when asked if she’d want to follow current Bachelorette Sophie Monk‘s shoes. “I definitely wouldn’t go on another dating show and be a contestant, but bring [the guys] to me.”

At this point, if Matty picks frontrunner Laura, then I would give someone at Channel 10 all the money in my wallet to have Tara as the Bachelorette in 2018. But if that can’t happen for whatever reason (like if Matty isn’t a huge fucking idiot and PICKS TARA), then Flo would be great.

That being said, she told PopSugar in her other exit interview that she wouldn’t be keen on going on another dating show.

“Not to find love, but I would definitely do television again. It’s just so exciting and like I said, I loved every second of it. To see the producers do their jobs and see how it all goes, that was fascinating. But I wouldn’t go on another show to find love, I might just find someone along the way!”

All I can assume is that Flo doesn’t think actually being the Bachelor/ette counts as going on a dating show. It’s less dating show, more human buffet, anyway.