Well, this is unexpected. Rick & Morty wrapped up its fervently dissected third season earlier in the week (the final episode is due to arrive on Australian Netflix tomorrow, October 7th *HYPE*) and if there was ever a question of what’s to become of Rick Sanchez in the intervening period, apparently the answer to that question is “bantering about theoretical physics with Elon Musk on Twitter.”

The show’s official Twitter account has fulfilled all its season three-related duties and thus dutifully announced an inglorious return to the water-treading shitposting that helped bridge the gap between seasons.

It’s kind of the social media-equivalent of making idle fart noises while trying to figure out how to un-pickle yourself.

Elon Musk Bantered With Rick Sanchez On Twitter About Some Real Nerd Shit

For whatever reason, one can only assume it’s because he’s a big freakin’ nerd, Elon Musk decided to out himself as a massive Rick & Morty fan by smashing the show’s account with a red-hot @. And from there, it got extremely physic-al in a quantum hurry.

Not that we imagine Rick would be stupid enough to publicly out his location by having a bog-standard Twitter account, but there’s not a chance in hell a Morty could pull of that kind of back-and-forth with the Tesla founder.

‘Course we are also dealing with an infinite number of universes, so it’s a certainty one exists where the Ricks are Mortys and the Mortys are Ricks, and there’s every chance that universe is this one.

But, y’know, that seems unlikely. Right?


Elon Musk Bantered With Rick Sanchez On Twitter About Some Real Nerd Shit

Image: Getty Images / Taylor Hill