Get ready for the best thing since an entire afternoon at Blips & Chitz, ’cause Rick & Morty is about to cop it’s own bloody handheld game.

Dan Harmon, the cantankerously mad genius behind the cartoon series (and Community, for those wondering about his stellar track record), announced the existence Pocket Mortys on Twitter today, instantly filling a Meeseeks-sized hole in our hearts. 

It’s already been billed as a Pokémon-esque divergence for the reality-warping series; judging by the gameplay clips released by Adult Swim, it’ll be so *burp* extraordinary, we’re already planning on building a microverse in which our minions do our real work for us. 

The app is set to drop on the 14th for free on both iOs and Android platforms. Prepare to get riggidy-riggidy wrecked, son, cause this is the best thing since ROY: 

Source: Twitter.