Back in August last year we first heard word of media monolith Disney prepping to take Netflix and co. head on with their own streaming platform, and since then we’ve only gotten a few rumours here and there on how that’s all actually going to work.

Some of the bigger questions regarding the new service were specifically on what will happen to the various Disney owned franchises and films (the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars for examps) which are already scattered across Netflix, Hulu and more and it finally looks like we’re getting some solid answers.

Deadline has the inside scoop on how Disney’s new offering is coming together, stating that the streaming platform is set to only house content that fits inline with the larger, kid-friendly Disney brand, meaning no R-Rated shows or films. So if you were all jazzed up about seeing Minnie Mouse’s titties or whatever you’ll have to stick to the dank corners of the internet, soz.

Despite earlier reports to the contrary, Deadline are also saying that already released Marvel movies will stay put on their various platforms, meaning Netflix will retain its bountiful superhero booty.

This is where shit gets SUPER juicy though, with the report outlining Disney’s adventurous plans to punch out a shit load of NEW content for their streaming platform, to the tune of “four to five original movies, and five TV series” in the first year alone.

Some of those fresh goodies include the previously announced “what if Santa Clause but a lady” flick Noelle starring Anna Kendrick, as well as remakes of Lady and the Tramp, 3 Men and a Baby and Sword and the Stone.

On the TV side of things their are also plans afoot for a High School Musical series (!), an animated Monsters Inc. show (!!) and a series each for yet to be announced Marvel and Star Wars titles (!!!).

The shitty news is that at launch the service will only be available in the US, before expanding to overseas territories like us, at a later date. Bugger! If only there was a way to set up a some kind of, I don’t know, Virtual Private Network or something to access it…

No price for the platform has been revealed but expect it to be around the $10 a month mark like the others. Cool, more subscriptions for my bank account! FUN!

It should be launching 2019, we’ll keep you up to date with all the deets.

Source: Deadline