Welp. Here it is, folks. The new teaser for the live-action remake of Aladdin is out, and we finally have our first look at Will Smith as the incomparable Genie. There’s simply no going back from here.

The latest teaser trailer for Disney’s upcoming flick, which hits cinemas in May, dropped a short time ago as part of the on-going Grammy Awards broadcast.

The short, 60-second teaser packs quite a bit in there for those familiar with the original animated flick. We get our first glimpse at Aladdin’s faithful monkey companion Abu, hear what appears to be the first taste of Marwan Kenzari‘s take on the nefarious Jafar, and cop a short taste of an elaborate procession sequence that could potentially mirror the Prince Ali procession from the OG.

For reasons that will probably become clearer in time, we also see the first version of Will Smith as the Genie; coming out of the lamp after being summoned by Aladdin.

One thing is for absolute certain: He’s quite blue.

The blueness of the genie seems to sit in opposition to previous studio-released looks of Smith in full genie getup, which feature a decidedly less-blue skin tone.

Whether this means Smith’s genie is capable of un-blueing himself by shape-shifting remains to be seen.

All will be revealed come May 23rd, when the live-action Aladdin hits cinemas worldwide.