Mickey and mates have finally, finally, revealed who will be playing Aladdin in the classic film’s live-action remake – and no, it ain’t Zayn Malik. Sorry to whoever was still holding out for that one. 

Canadian-Egyptian actor Mena Massoud has been revealed as film’s male lead, meaning the relatively under-the-radar fella will be tasked with flying carpets, rubbing lamps, and generally trying to make the most out of our collective nostalgia. 

Massoud has previously appeared in hospital drama series Open Heart, and is also a player on Amazon’s upcoming Jack Ryan series. Cop a squiz at this BTS Open Heart video to catch a glimpse of his earlier work:


Old mate is chuffed on it, too. 


The announcement, made at Disney’s D23 Expo, comes after the studio’s freelance casting agents – aka, the entire damn internet – threw together a shortlist of contenders for the live-action Aladdin remake’s leading role.

They seemingly forgot to speculate on who’ll play the Genie, but Disney now has you sorted on that one: none other than Will Smith will act as your blue gaseous pal, taking over from the legendary Robin Williams. 

English actor Naomi Scott, who portrayed the Pink Ranger in this year’s riotous Power Rangers flick, will portray Jasmine. 

There’s currently no set release date for the Guy Ritchie-directed film, but damn, at least it has a leading man. 

Source: Disney / Variety.
Photo: Mena Massoud / Instagram.