Hail Zeus: Disney’s ‘Hercules’ Is Getting The Live-Action Treatment By ‘Avengers’ Directors

There it is, mates. The next confirmed live-action Disney remake is the iconic godly flick Hercules, The Hollywood Reporter confirms.

Deadline adds that the Russo brothers, Anthony and Joe Russo of Marvel, will be producing the flick and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings screenwriter David Callaham is tapped to write.

There’s no confirmed director or actors yet, but I imagine casting directors are discussing potentials via Zoom as we speak.

It’s unknown whether the new Hercules will mirror the original musical (like the recent Aladdin remake), or whether it will take an entirely new approach (like the new Mulan, which cut the songs and reimagined the original as a more grounded action-drama).

In the 1996 animated classic, Friends star Tate Donovan voiced the titular character Hercules, with James Woods as the villainous Hades, Susan Egan as the reluctant love interest Megara, and Danny DeVito as Herc’s satyr mentor Phil.

Ron Clements and Jon Musker directed the original animated film, which reimagined classic Greek myths with an earworm gospel soundtrack from Disney legend Alan Menken.

In the meantime, catch Aladdin on Disney+.