Can Someone Pls Tell Me What The Frock Is Going On In This Mysteriously Removed Zara Ad?

The purpose of an ad is to sell a product to punters by enticing them with sparkly imagery and various other marketing tools, right? So can someone tell me why the fuck Zara thought it would be a fab idea to submerge their clothes in water to the point where you can’t bloody see ’em in a recent ad?

A viral TikTok vid point out that in a women’s clothing ad by Zara, the model appears to have been tossed in the water and all that’s visible is the poor model’s drenched head. You legit wouldn’t be able to pick the dress out in a line-up of Zara dresses.

The dress being advertised is called the tiered poplin dress and it retails for $49.90 over in the States.

I just had a peek online and it looks like there’s now a different image online to support the dress and the wet ad is nowhere to be found.

Here’s what the dress actually looks like, in case you were wondering:

See, now THAT’S how you sell a dress. Being able to actually see the garment is crucial, I feel. Whether or not it can withstand being submerged in a pool of water? Not so much!

The dress actually ended up selling heaps because it’s sold out on the American Zara but I’d bet that it’s because shoppers stumbled across the stunning pictured ad on the website, as opposed to the one with the drowned model.

It’s worth noting that the dress doesn’t appear to have been available in Australia (at least on the website). I had a search on the AU Zara and nothing popped up, but when I searched the dress on the US site, it said they once had it in stock (obvs) but they’ve since sold out.

So yeah, not to be confused with our local Zara, but more so the US one with their bizarre concept of retail marketing. This ain’t it, sis.

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