Zara’s New Logo Is Sending The Internet Through The 7 Stages Of Grief


Zara is one of those brands with a logo so recognisable, it’s got prime position on practically every major shopping street in the world. Honestly, when I’m overseas and feel a little lost, I draw comfort as soon as I spot the four letter word emblazoned on the side of buildings, in much the same way I welcome a Maccas when I’m feeling a little homesick.

But that logo is about to look extremely unrecognisable, with the Spanish high street hero debuting a completely different logo this week. Aside from feeling slightly debased by the switch up, the internet is also unsure how to feel about the new design. Why? Because it looks a bit bloody weird.

[jwplayer dQbTv2Xh]

To refresh your memory, this is the Zara logo we all know and love:

Image result for old zara logo

Aaaaand here’s the new look logo that’s just made its way onto the brand’s site and social media:

Zara USA

Our immediate reaction:

Twitter was quick to express its feelings on the redesign, and the dominant reaction was a combination of surprise and discomfort. In fact, you can easily trace the internet’s journey through the seven stages of grief.

First comes shock and denial:

“Zara’s new logo is making me claustrophobic” wrote one user.

“The new Zara logo is giving me anxiety I-” added another.

Next is pain and guilt:

Followed by anger and bargaining:

“Whoever is responsible for the new Zara logo, I just want to talk.”

Depression and reflection:

“The new Zara logo is actually me trying to squeeze into their clothes…”

Then comes the upwards turn:

“The new Zara’s logo is a prime example of a kerning overdose.”

Working through the pain using humour:

“User’s: The new Slack logo was awful. ZARA: holy my beer…”

And, finally, acceptance and hope:

“I actually like @ZARA ‘s new logo. Am I the only one?!”
If the current font trend is anything to go off, users have also taken a punt at the projected design over the next decade:
What do you think of the new look logo? Are you into it, or nah?