Some Entertaining (But Not Distracting) TV Shows To Have On While You’re Working From Home

If you’re finding it super strange to adjust from working in a bustling office to sitting in your apartment with a makeshift desk set up (‘coz same), you may need something to liven up your WFH sitch.

The best way to kill the loneliness / boredom of working from home is to pop on some uplifting TV shows and thankfully Stan’s got us covered with a bunch of primo options.

I find that it’s not ideal to watch an intense drama series that I’ve never seen before because let’s face it, absolutely zero work will get done.

Instead, it’s best to roll with some classic sit-coms and light-hearted shows that you can have on in the background for some white-noise while you werk.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

If you’re someone who lurves to have music on while you’re working, then musical TV series Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is the perf WFH binge option for you.

Jane Levy plays Zoey Clarke, a genius computer coder who develops the ability to hear people’s deepest, darkest thoughts and desires via popular songs.

With the help of her musically adept neighbour, Zoey soon learns to love her wacky gift and it actually ends up coming in handy.

With a sick selection of tunes in each ep and a whimsical storyline that’s entertaining but not too distracting, this musical dramedy can definitely be binged during business hours.


Unlike the maniacs who are watching terrifying, end of the world hysteria films, I’m opting for light-hearted comedies like Seinfeld.

Not only is it bloody hilarious, but the ’90s vibes remind me of a simpler time.

Plus, since it’s, well, a show about nothing, you can easily get work done ‘coz you won’t be too distracted (aside from stopping to chuckle every now and then).

And when you’re tapping away on your laptop and the noise from your neighbours and the street start to bother you, you’ll totally relate to that episode where a barking dog disturbs Elaine.

And when 3:30itis hits and you need a nap, you can curl up for a quick snooze à la George.


Another iconic ’90s sitcom, Friends has 10 seasons of laughter to binge while you’re working (and also during your couch-bound lunch-break).

You’ll notice that throughout the series, the six friends tend to spend the vast majority of their time in that pretty purple apartment, and it’s not just to hang out.

There are plenty of eps where Monica is testing out new recipes in the kitchen (which business owners will relate to), and Chandler is always tapping away on his laptop.

If anyone knows what it’s like to be in self-isolation with a select few mates, it’s our favourite fictional friends.

The Office

While I, personally, am loving pumping out yarns from the comfort of my couch, I understand that some folks might be missing the hustle and bustle of their office.

So what better way to bring the office vibes to your home space than by watching The Office?

Say goodbye to Nancy in payroll and say hello to Michael Scott and the rest of the gang.

You’ll enjoy all the highs of office life, from watching romances unfold (ahem Jim and Pam) to listening to witty banter between your new (albeit fictional) colleagues.

But you don’t need to worry about pitfalls like people leaving dirty dishes in the sink ‘coz these co-workers are just here to keep you company via your telly.


If you have trouble staying focused when you’re working from home, then may I suggest a series like Younger that’ll inspire you to get shit done?

You simply cannot watch Liza work her way up the corporate latter without feeling that enthusiasm to conquer whatever project you’re working on.

And when you’re missing your work wife like crazy, Hilary Duff’s character Kelsey Peters will keep you company and entertain you with savage quips and office goss.

Oh, and if you feel yourself starting to slack off, the commanding voice of boss lady Diana Trout will defs whip you into shape.

Now back to work!

Parks & Recreation

As I’ve already pointed out, I’m loving the work from home dealio but the main thing that I’m missing about the office is the motley crew that is the Pedestrian team.

So when you’re craving your co-workers, spend time with the Parks & Recreation team instead as the characters represent basically every co-worker imaginable.

You’ve got Ron, the head honcho who has mentally checked out, Leslie, the annoying boss who cares too much, Andy, the low-key useless but very loveable bloke, and Donna, the sassy chick that you’d never mess with.

This is just a couple of them but I guarantee you that you’ll totally identify with the Parks & Rec crew and they’ll make you feel like you’re surrounded by your whacky-ass colleagues.