Hall Of Fame Stoner Woody Harrelson Can’t Convince His Mates He’s Quit Pot

Laid-back bro Woody Harrelson seems to arrive at every public appearance with a perpetual buzz, which is why we were so surprised earlier this year, when he revealed to the New York Times that he had quit smoking pot entirely.

He explained that “after 30 solid years of partying way too fucking hard”, he’d made the decision to cut back, as he found that excessive smoking was making him “emotionally unavailable.”

As of this past May, had gone without smoking for more than a year, and was feeling better for it, as well as trying to be “more moderate” with other things like drinking.

During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Harrelon said he’s still on the wagon, but that the hardest part of quitting was revealing to other stoner friends that he no longer indulges.

This is especially the case when one of your good friends is stoner overlord Willie Nelson. In fact, Woody Harrelson revealed that he simply went through a period of faking it around his bud, saying:

“At first, I was pretending (to smoke), just holding (the joint) because I didn’t want him to know. Then finally, I’m like, ‘Willie, I quit!’ And still it never fails: The joint comes around, and he’s passing it to me. He keeps waiting for me to smoke again!”

You can check out the relevant segment of their interview below.