Woody Harrelson Is Making The World’s First Live-Streamed Movie

Laid-back stoner bro and Hunger Games star Woody Harrelson has announced his next project, and it’s an ambitious one to say the least – the actor will be shooting a movie live in one take, and live-streaming the results directly to cinemas. 
The upcoming feature, entitled Lost In London, is a world first – while stage plays and the like have been broadcast live to cinemas, nobody has ever attempted the task with a feature film before. 
The film, which co-stars Owen Wilson and country star Willie Nelson, is inspired by a true story about one night where Harrelson ended up in a London jail, and will be shot at 14 locations around the city. 
The actor explained the project in a short teaser video, saying that nobody has ever been “stupid” enough to attempt such a feat before, and promising to jump into the Thames if he fails. 
The film is set to screen on January 19 in the USA, and there’s no word yet on whether it will be live-streamed to Australian cinemas, but we’ll keep you posted. 
Source: The Verge.
Photo: Getty.