Sure, the Royal sisters, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton, were at Wimbledon yesterday. Sure, over the course of less than an hour Romanian Simona Halep trounced Serena Williams in two sets in the women’s final. And our very own Dylan Alcott took out the quad wheelchair singles title, hell yeah.

But the real audience MVP overnight at Wimbledon was v. versatile actor Woody Harrelson. Harrelson’s reacts became the latest internet meme, encapsulating the broad range of emotions we all feel while sitting down to watch a spirited game of tennis.

Check out the meme potential here:

Here’s perturbed Woody. A bit stunned. Not sure what he’s watching.

Image source: Getty Images / Karwai Tang. 

Here’s grim Woody. Stoic, resigned, his mouth set in a firm line.

Image source: Getty Images / Shaun Botterill. 

And here is jolly Woody, soaking up all the fun of a summer’s day out, while five wines deep.

Image source: Getty Images / Shaun Botterill. 

Oh Woody, what a broad range you have.

Here are some of the ways people have celebrated seeing Woody Harrelson at the tennis.

They really ran with Harrelson’s look deep concern for Frenchman Nicolas Mahut, who was hit in the face during the men’s doubles final.

Did you know you are not allowed to take your seat again during play? Here’s Woody Harrelson stuck waiting to return to his seat, maybe stumbling a little. Worth it for the wine probably.

I can’t tell you what this is.

Who has not needed an unenthusiastic clap gif?

Forever alone 🙁

Everybody, please, have as good a day as Woody Harrelson. I beg you.

Image: Getty Images / Adam Davy