Woody Harrelson Randomly Helping A NYC Journo Move House Is The Gentle Stoner News We All Need

Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson helped a Wall Street Journalist move out of her NYC apartment and this is the wholesome content I needed today.

Alex Janin was moving her bike into a trailer when Woody Harrelson came out of a nearby store to ask her where the closest citibike station was. They then chatted for a bit and the stoner angel offered to help Alex with the move. Aww.

The Twitter replies confirmed that yes, Woody Harrelson really is that much of a nice guy.

“Chatted with him once at a party I was bartending at, and can confirm he is genuinely this nice all the time. It’s like the stoner celebrities are actually cooler than the coke celebrities,” someone wrote.

Woody even told Alex to water her fiddle leaf (the one pictured) more and god that reminds me I need to water mine.

But apparently, Woody was wrong and she should in fact, water it less.

“Black tips means it’s too wet,”one person clarified.

If Woody wasn’t happily married for the last decade, this story could have been an incredible meet cute. But alas, it’s still a good story though. In fact, the actor’s own love story with wife Laura Louie is pretty cute too.

Laura was Woody’s assistant while he was working on the show Cheers. Apparently their first conversation blew him away, and she was hired after that. Three years later he realised his true feelings for her and when he confessed how he really felt, Laura said “Woody, I’ve been in love with you for the last two and a half years.”

I truly love a wholesome celebrity moment. Woody Harrelson really is the nicest guy in Hollywood.