Tell Us About The Dreamiest Date You’ve Been On & You Could Win Tix To The Premiere Of Bros

Dating is taking a bit of a reputation hit lately with absolute horror stories flooding Tiktok and Reddit. Be it rough breakups, toxic relationships, or pure unfiltered cringe, it seems totally fair to avoid dating entirely. Maybe it’s the warmer weather or maybe I just never want to hear CBAT ever again, but I’m feeling sentimental and I actually want to hear the good stories now. The ones that make you throw up rainbow ice cream and cry jelly beans.

Have you ever had your own personal romcom moment? Or unironically said, “Tonight is like a movie?” We want to hear it! And to celebrate bubbly and warm romance, we’ve teamed up with Universal Pictures to get you all hyped for the upcoming LGBTQ+ focused romcom Bros. For your chance to win tickets to the Sydney premiere of the film on Tuesday the 18th of October, all you have to do is tell us about the dreamiest date you’ve been on. The lead stars of the movie Billy Eichner, Luke Macfarlane and Director Nick Stoller are set to attend the Sydney premiere also! So you can be sure the night will be glamorous.

WIN: Tell Us About The Dreamiest Date You’ve Ever Been On & We Might Sling Ya Tix To The Premiere Of ‘Bros’.

Bros follows Bobby Liber (Billy Eichner), a single out-and-proud museum curator that starts a surprising relationship with Aaron (Luke Macfarlane). From there, the film leans into playful jabs poking fun at how the LGBTQ+ community has been presented in films before. From there, the two deal with their lifestyle differences and their relationship to queer culture. Bros is also a landmark in LGBTQ+ filmmaking as it is the first movie put out by a major studio to feature a primarily LGBTQ+ cast. Bros is shaping up to be the biggest comedy film of the year and has already amassed plenty of hype at film festivals.

It’s shaping up to be one of the more authentic looks at the current dating scene. Bros hits us with those relatable bonding experiences that are our insecurities in dating. Being glued to our phones waiting for the text back, comparing our bodies to others, them occupying our minds more than anything else.

Bros hits cinemas on October 27, and if you wanna catch a glimpse at some of the all-star cast in the film, take a look at the trailer below.

It’s always great to see a comedy film get great critical acclaim as well as support from a major studio. As a huge comedy nerd myself, I’m definitely keen to see Billy Eichner break out as a star and to see all the other great comedians flex their stuff.

You can check the T&Cs in the entry link above!

Best of luck lovebirds!