Well Beat My Eggs & Cream My Milk, Will Poulter In The Bear S2 Just Made The Show Even Hotter

will poulter the bear s2

Disney+ exclusive The Bear is back for Season Two and I’m ready to be horny watch some respectable men cook lovely, intricate dishes that I think would look quite tasty shoved in my face on a plate. The one thing that has me going feral this time around the kitchen? The addition of Will Poulter to the cast.

Just in case you missed it, The Bear Season Two just came out (in the US only, the rest of us will have to wait a month to be horny), and everyone and their dogs are going buckwild for Will Poulter. Move over Jeremy Allen White, we gotta make room for another chef in this bed kitchen.

Poulter, who has had a glow-up one can only achieve by making ridiculously unethical deals with Beelzebub, stars in Episode Four of the new season, and makes a brief cameo as the “magnetically intense” pastry chef Luca.

His arms are tatted, his sleeves are rolled up and his charm is enough to make me consider culinary school regardless of the fact he’s literally a fictional character. The power of gorgeous men!

Naturally, anyone who’s anyone is thirsting over this gorgeous man. The Bear was already insanely hot (on top of being a very good show everyone needs to watch), but Will Poulter’s appearance has sent me over the edge.

Hell, the girlies have ALREADY created fan cams of Will Poulter’s brief appearance on the show to the tune of Taylor Swift‘s “Wildest Dreams”.

That’s when you know you’ve made it. Nobody has their finger on the pulse like the Swifties do.

There is no way the creators of this show didn’t know what they were doing. The people are talking, my apron is ON, my kitchen is getting steamy.

They’ve won. I will now be tuning in to The Bear. There is truly no greater advert than a hot man (see: the movie poster for Kraven the Hunter).

“His first ‘yes chef’ will be my undoing,” wrote one commenter.

“I was on the fence about starting The Bear, but now I’m on board,” wrote another.

“He can knead me like a French roll and I’ll be happy indeed,” wrote a third.

The Bear is available to watch on Disney+ right now. Well, at least Season One is.