Will Poulter To Play Pennywise The Terrifying Clown In Stephen King’s ‘It’

Speaking of scary-ass clowns, it’s been revealed that Will Poulter, the geeky son from We’re the Millers, is currently in negotiations to play Pennywise in the upcoming remake of Stephen King‘s ‘It’
Really? This kid?
Yep, that’s the one. Cary Fukunaga (True Detective) believes Poulter is perfect for the evil, villainous role, which probably has to do with the dark role he played in The Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio
The King novel is enormous; it’s around 900 pages and the story spans several decades, so the film has only ever been brought to life a mini-series instead of a movie. So this huge task will be split into two, horrifying films. According to Variety, the plan is to shoot the first film with children, then the second with those children as adults. 
Watching the miniseries, starring Tim Curry as Pennywise, now shows that it hasn’t aged particularly well in terms of scare-factor:

But I wouldn’t recommend watching the new films alone in the dark – Fukunaga has also said that the film will stay strong to the book, but will be a given a ‘new look’. Which, when horror directors say that, usually means that they’re going to make it absolutely fucking terrifying-looking. 

Production of ‘It’ will begin this winter. Don’t take any balloons from clowns in the meantime. 
via Variety