The Internet Is Extremely ‘H’ Word For Will Poulter Who Suddenly Looks Like A Hemsworth Bro

The internet is feeling extremely relatably ‘H’ word for Will Poulter, who now suddenly looks like the secret fourth Hemsworth brother.

Poulter appeared at a Washington premiere of his new show Dopesick this week, and the photos of him there have quickly gone viral for looking very Chris Hemsworth-like.

I’m talking golden soft and wavy combed back hair, a jawline that could cut sandstone, and a burningly hot smoldering facial expression. Take a look for yourself below.

Image Source: Shannon Finney/Getty Images
Image Source: Shannon Finney/Getty Images

My man went from The Chronicles of Narnia to The Chronicles of Yeh-rnia.

Over on TikTok and Twitter, people can’t stop thinking about Will Poulter’s transformation. TikTokers are acting like pure cats in heat while people on Twitter are shocked that this is the same guy folks once joked was the IRL version of Sid from Toy Story.


AND HE’S JOINING THE MCU 🧎‍♀️ #willpoulter #mcu #fyp

♬ You are so beautiful – hejdå


Oh no….HES HOT #adamwarlock #guardiansofthegalaxyvol3 #willpoulter #glowup #ohkono

♬ oops! – Yung Gravy


my guy went from sid from toy story to a whole hemsworth brother😩😩😩😩 #willpoulter #marvel #gotg #gotg3 #fyp #mazerunner

♬ original sound – disappointment

These next two are for those of us who want to see more than just his pretty face – his arms and tall boy physique, too.


erm excuse me ma’am when did he get so hot wtf #fyp #willpoulter

♬ original sound – Miranda López


just Will being friendly n humble to everyone 🥺❤️😩 #willpoulter #williamjackpoulter #adamwarlock #willpoultersupremacy #willpoultersimp

♬ original sound – lia – lia

My personal faves are these tweets about the Hemsworthification of Will Poulter, his arms, and how the Maze Runner star, much like his co-star Dylan O’Brien, has aged like fine wine.

In a rather flirty interview with Flip Your Wig, Poulter explained that the transformation came from having a lot of time off during lockdown.

“I spent a lot of time unemployed as an actor,” he said after the reporter, who I wish was me, asked to squeeze his biceps.

Marvel Studios recently revealed that Poulter would be joining the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 as Adam Warlock, AKA one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Earlier this week, a Vanity Fair journalist was dragged for spoiling another beloved British star’s surprise role in a Marvel film.

Folks, if this is any indication of how he’s gonna look in the film, I’m officially looking forward to him and his Bing Bang Theory.

It’s almost like Marvel has a top-secret serum they give actors the second they sign onto a film that makes them superpoweredly good-looking.

You can catch Will Poulter-Hemsworth in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 when it releases in theatres in 2023.