OOP: Who Magazine just got blasted by Media Watch for printing a so-called interview with actress Scarlett Johansson, that was really just a copy and paste of six different interviews she had done in the past.

Media Watch host Paul Berry called the publication out for the ‘interview’ which suspiciously had no byline and no source attributed. When they “scratched” the surface of the interview, they uncovered that some of quotes weren’t even about the Black Widow movie, but quotes from Johansson’s previous films like Marriage Story.

“Turns out this Who interview has been cobbled together and repurposed from at least six different sources,” Barry said.

“They’ve even taken a comment Scarlett made two years ago about director Cate Shortland and turned that into an answer about her new film pushing the boundaries,” he added.

So where on earth did Who get that Frankenstein’s monster of an article? Well, when Media Watch reached out for a statement, Who said they got the interview from “an unnamed freelance journalist.”

That ‘journalist’ apparently “attended a roundtable interview in LA for Black Widow in 2019…due to the COVID-19 outrbreak, the interview was held for the film’s new release date (2021).”

Pretty sus, huh?

You can watch the full episode of Media Watch here.

Image: Media Watch