If your eyeballs have yet to come in contact with Avengers: Endgame then here’s another promo video to watch and rewatch to fill the void. This time, it’s a delightful clip of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) taking part in a round of BBC One‘s Playground Insults. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Playground Insults, it really is what its title says. Two guests are pitted against each other and tasked with dropping the most immature, silly, playground insults to ever grace your screens. In previous editions, Chris Pratt took on Jennifer Lawrence and Ryan Reynolds came up against Josh Brolin. It’s a savage, savage game.

The rules:

  1. No holding back, it’s just a game
  2. Don’t take the insults personally
  3. The insults leave the room when you do

To win, someone either has to lose it uncontrollably or deliver a killer insult.


Chris Hemsworth, he did not hold back. Though, this was probably one of the nicer editions of Playground Insults -re: Reynolds V. Brolin.

A summary:

  • Hemsworth: “Do you even know how to spell your name because nobody else does.” 
  • Johansson: “You’ve got a growing collection of grandma cardigans.”
  • Hemsworth: “They say beauty’s on the inside and inside you is just awful.”
  • Johansson: “Your biceps look like Thanksgiving turkeys.”
  • Hemsworth: “It’s lucky you’re beautiful because there’s nothing up here [points to head].” 
  • Johansson: “I don’t like your sweater.”
  • Hemsworth: “What’s Black Widow’s superpower again?”

Game, point, match, Thor’s hammer to Hemsworth.

Avengers: Endgame is in cinemas now. But you already know that.

If you haven’t watched it…

Image: BBC One