Here’s Sacha Baron Cohen Effortlessly Selling Republicans On Guns For Babies

Comedians like Sacha Baron Cohen and Chris Morris have done a lot of hard work towards demonstrating the principle that people will say just about anything on camera as long as they think that the person they are talking to is on their side.

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Baron Cohen’s latest venture, Who Is America?, takes aim at the thriving ecosystem of unhinged right-wing demagogues and power-brokers that have become fully comfortable espousing some absolutely bonkers belief since Trump came into power. Considering the sort of things they’ll say when they’re not being tricked, it’s difficult to imagine just how much worse it could possibly get.

If you’re wondering how exactly a show like that would operate, wonder no more: Showtime has released a 10-minute preview of the show featuring Baron Cohen posing as Israeli anti-terrorism expert Erran Morad.

As Morad, Baron Cohen speaks to a bewildering array of NRA figures and prominent Republicans, most of which seem far, far too happy to advocate for giving guns to preschoolers to allow them to defend themselves in active shooter situations.

How do you get a grown man to happily go on camera to advocate for giving toddlers guns dressed up as toys, including ones that could be operated by a baby? Ask the president of second amendment group the Virginia Citizens Defense League, who doesn’t seem to even flinch at the idea.

What the hell is wrong with these people.

For Aussies, the first episode of Who Is America? is currently streaming exclusively on Stan.