Theo James Has Confirmed Whether Or Not He Was Wearing A Prosthetic Peen On The White Lotus

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The White Lotus Season Two is officially here and just like Season One, it’s filled with viral moments that are driving fans wild online. This time around, everyone’s attention is locked on a nude scene with Theo James‘ penis in full force.

ICYMI: the second season of the hit HBO show features a new setting and crop of hotel guests, including Theo James who plays rich rude dude Cameron.

In the first episode, Aubrey Plaza‘s character Harper takes Cameron up to her hotel room so that he can borrow a pair of shorts.

Harper awkwardly watches through the bathroom mirror as Cameron strips off, allowing his massive dong to dangle.

His butt is also in full view and it’s a delightful surprise, but a shocking and unexpected one.

I mean, the first season was hardly tame, but still, we weren’t expecting one of the leads to get their kit off in the very first episode. And mind you, he’s not the only character who gets naked in the premiere ep. It’s absolute bedlam, I tell ya (emphasis on the bed).

Following much speculation, Theo James has now confirmed that he was, indeed, wearing a fake peen.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, James said that he spoke to the show’s makeup designer about what he wanted the prosthetic to look like.

“I said ‘Honestly, I just want it not to be distracting, he needs to be regular Joe. The scene is not about the peepee, it’s about power play in sex.”

Despite his suggestion, James said that when he returned to set the makeup designer approached him with a fake penis that was the size of a “hammer” at nine inches flat and four inches wide.

“It’s like she stole it off a donkey,” he joked. “The thing is ginormous.”

Naturally, the peen scene drove social media stans WILD and #TheoJames quickly began trending on Twitter.

It’s also kickstarted a debate over whether or not that’s actually Theo James’ dick or if it’s a prosthetic peen.

It’s giving Adam Demos‘ iconique peen scene in Netflix’s Sex/Life. Good times.

2022 has seen a flurry of dicks popping up on our screens.

There was that scene in And Just Like That where Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) enters her neighbour’s apartment to find a bloke in nothing but a towel.

There’s also Euphoria which has given us lotsa peen and butt action, including one particularly homoerotic episode where we explore Cal’s (Eric Dane) horny relationship with his bestie way back when.

The hot as hell flashback sequence features unfairly gorgeous newcomers Elias Kacavas and Henry Eikenberry and it went absolutely viral, rightfully so.

And last, but by no means least, Pam & Tommy featured a talking, mechanical penis strapped to Sebastian Stan‘s glorious bod that he legit converses with during an ecstasy-fuelled stupor.

Full disclosure: the peen is fake (have a read of our oral history for more on that), but it was great to see some dick action (literally).

But anyway, back to The White Lotus.

Having copped a sneak peek at most of the season, I can tell you that this isn’t the last hot as hell nude scene so stay tuned for more.

Spy Theo James’ cock for yourselves as The White Lotus Season 2 just premiered on BINGE and Foxtel with new eps dropping every Monday.