This Theory About Quentin On The White Lotus Is Fkn Wild & Jennifer Coolidge Get Out Of There

Tom Hollander as Quentin and Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya in The White Lotus season two
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Fans have a red hot new theory about Quentin (Tom Hollander) on The White Lotus Season Two and I, for one, am absolutely on board with it. Don’t trust people with yachts!

As always, The White Lotus Season Two is keeping us on tenterhooks. At this point in the season we have no idea which holidayer will meet their untimely demise. Now here’s your warning: this article contains spoilers for The White Lotus Season Two eps one to five. Read ahead at your own peril!

Speaking of peril, people are worried about Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge).

To catch you up to speed, Tanya was adopted by a group of seemingly-wealthy gently aristocratic gay men led by Quentin after her hubby Greg (Jon Gries) abandoned their holiday.

Sounds like the dream solution, no? Ditching a boring mean man to party in a Palermo villa? Win win.

Well, after Season Two Episode Five, fans are deeply suspicious of Quentin’s motives with the mindbogglingly wealthy Tanya. And one theory in particular puts Greg in the nefarious mix as well.

In the episode, Quentin took Tanya to a performance of Madame Butterfly and afterwards told her he’s only been in love once.

The man? A heterosexual Wyoming cowboy who Quentin said he’d still do anything for.

“Love’s never been my Achilles heel. It was always beauty,” he said.

“I live for beauty. I’d also die for beauty. Wouldn’t you?”


At this point, I gleefully turned to my girlfriend with what I thought was a completely unique, never been thought of before theory: that the Wyoming cowboy was, in fact, Greg.

But it turns out a bunch of people on the internet think the same thing.

So, let’s break down the evidence and theories shall we?

Quentin isn’t as rich as he seems

In my opinion, there are a couple of red flags around Quentin. The first came from a scene really early in the series.

Hot, suspicious couple Cameron (Theo James) and Daphne (Meghann Fahy) told Harper (Aubrey Plaza) and Ethan (Will Sharpe) about the amazing villas in Europe owned by penniless aristocrats.

“It’s wild though. These European aristocrats have no money,” Cam said.

“Like I shit you not. They have these palazzos, and they got no cash.”

And then BOOM. Quentin and his pals invited Tanya and Portia (Hayley Lu Richardson) to his incredible family estate in Palermo.

Twitter users contrasted that seemingly throwaway line about European aristocracy with the scene where Tanya told Portia Quentin and his pals were “high-end gays”.

Tanya said she’s more comfortable around Quentin and his pals because they’re so rich, they won’t be after her money.

Somehow I don’t think so.

There’s also the clue of cheeky Love Island extra Jack (Leo Woodall) — allegedly Quentin’s nephew — who took Portia out to eat but then dined and dashed.

He said he’d forgotten his wallet, but surely the nephew of a bloke that rich would have money on hand?

Now if you’ve seen the ep, you’ll know it ends with a truly unexpected scene of Jack and Quentin fucking.

So either there’s a bit of incest going on or something else truly wild.

Greg was seen having a mysterious phone call

Before we saw Greg yeeting himself off their Sicilian vacation, Tanya overheard him having a clandestine conversation on the phone. He said “I love you too”.

Greg’s actor Jon Gries has actually spoken about this scene.

He told Entertainment Tonight the intention of the “I love you” isn’t necessarily romantic.

“When he’s saying he loves somebody, that could be anybody. It could be his kids,” Gries said. 

“It’s automatic to assume that he has another woman or has something on the side when, in fact, it’s not that clear, is it?”

This makes me think Greg was possibly calling Quentin.

Maybe they’re plotting together to kill Tanya and take her money somehow?

Of course, Greg had to sign a prenup. My personal theory is that Quentin is there to convince Tanya to take Greg back and get rid of the prenup.

Greg also works for the Bureau of Land Management which, as the internet has pointed out, seems like a very ex-cowboy place to work.

Shady stories and Madame Butterfly

When we first met Quentin, he told Tanya the tale of an elderly woman who owned a house on a nearby island. She was found dead “in a heap at the bottom of the rocks” after refusing to sell to a group of “powerful local investors”.

This once again feels like ~foreshadowing~ and makes me think Quentin is pretty fkn dangerous.

The fact Quentin took Tanya to see Madame Butterfly is also telling, as the story follows the tragic fate of the titular Butterfly and ends with her suicide.

With The White Lotus confirmed for Season Three, I personally can’t see Tanya dying any time soon.

As the only character to appear in both Season One and Season Two of the show, she’s really the through-line of the series. But she’s definitely been contrasted with the other tragic figures, so I’m suspicious AF.

Perhaps it will be Quentin, Jack or Portia — the characters most central to Tanya’s storyline — who will end up floating in the Aegean Sea?

With two episodes left, my curiosity is absolutely piqued. And yes, I do need answers about that sex scene.

The White Lotus Season Two is now streaming on BINGE and Foxtel, with new eps dropping weekly.